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FEB 22, 2018 — For the past 28 years the Urban Limit Line “ULL” has protected thousands of acres of agriculture lands and open space. It has also prevented extreme urban sprawl and encouraged the formation of “Smart Growth”. On December 20th, 2016 the BOARD OF SUPERVISORS approved the 2016 URBAN LIMIT LINE MID-TERM REVIEW conclusion provided by the Conservation and Development Department, which states that the ULL analysis demonstrates that sufficient capacity exists countywide inside the ULL to accommodate housing and job growth through 2036.

Even with the protection of the ULL, our county has seen tremendous growth, and much of it has been sprawl development. Sprawl development and traffic go hand-in-hand. There are many reasons we need to Hold our Urban Limit Line, the protection our natural resources is one, but the ultimate goal is to create a sustainable county and achieve a high quality of life for all. 

KEY LEADERS in creating and holding the ULL, are Greenbelt Alliance, the Sierra Club, Contra Costa County former Supervisors Donna Gerber and Joe Canciamilla, the Town of Danville, numerous voters and Save Mt. Diablo. All of the key leaders are still fighting for the ULL, with the exception of Save Mt. Diablo. As a former fan of Save Mt. Diablo “SMD”, I was disillusioned to learn that SMD is working closely with the Tassajara Parks Developer to help provide political support for breaking the ULL. I’m still confused and dismayed, as to why SMD has taken this position. I understand that SMD is a land acquisition organization, maybe that has influenced their decision. Or maybe, they believe that piecemealing Tassajara Valley and the remainder of our County’s Ag and Open Space Lands is the way of future land management. A little sprawl here, a little parkland there and sprinkled with ag land…I stand firm against that tactic. A few reasons that won’t work to create a sustainable county and high quality of life for all: 1) In order for our Agricultural Industry to be economically successful, there must be a large core, not broken apart in bits and pieces. 2) Sprawl = Traffic 3) Wildlife Habitats – fragmented habitats = weak ecosystems. But, maybe the reason SMD has taken that approach, is because they don't believe in the power of the voters to HOLD THE URBAN LIMIT LINE against land developers. So the question is, are we going to stand up and fight along side of these key leaders? I encourage you to share some of your reasons as to why saving our ULL is important to you. 

IT'S TIME to organize speakers for upcoming meetings. Speaking times are a maximum of 3 minutes, and TVPA can help provide speaking points. Please send an email to tassajaravalleypa@gmail.com, if you would like to hear more details. 

We continue to regularly check in with the county on the proposed Tassajara Parks project, and the latest response is that the county is finishing the EIR, but no dates have been set for publishing. We will continue to stay on top of this issue, and will inform you as soon as we have additional information. 

It is time to show developers that the voters have the final say in how our communities grow!

Being informed and taking action is the key to building a community we will all love to live in for years to come! 

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