Is the Tassajara Parks Housing Developer Misleading the Public?

You decide...Here is an excerpt taken from a legal opinion from the Law Office of M. R. Wolfe & Associates, P.C. 

“By contrast, the land preservation provisions in the Tassajara Parks MOU are illusory. All the lands the MOU purports to protect are already situated outside the County ULL, outside the Danville and San Ramon Urban Growth Boundaries and Spheres of Influence, and outside the service areas of any special district. The lands therefore enjoy the maximum degree of legal protection from future urban development afforded by the County’s land use laws. In other words, the MOU “preserves” no agricultural or open space lands that are not already fully “preserved.” - M.R. Wolfe & Associates

Click here to read the full legal opinion

IMPORTANT - ACT NOW! #sanramon #danville #tassajara

IMPORTANT!! The Tassajara Parks housing developer has recently initiated a petition "Support the Tassajara Valley Agricultural Enhancement Area’s Memorandum of Understanding", signing this petition will do exactly the OPPOSITE of Saving Tassajara Valley. The "MOU Preservation Agreement" will directly enable urban development on lands now outside the Urban Limit Line and in fact set a precedent for other developers to follow. Contact the San Ramon (925) 973-2524 and Danville (925) 314-3378 City Councils and urge them NOT to sign the misleading Tassajara Valley Agricultural Enhancement Area’s Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)!!

Update - Spring Event Date Changed, Now Set for Saturday May 20th

Update 4/12/17 

  • The "Hold the Urban Limit Line!" Spring Event has been rescheduled, and set for Saturday May 20th from 2:00 -5:00 at the Tassajara Valley Old School House 1650 Finley Road.  See flyer for details.
  • The Contra Costa County Conservation and Development Department is still working through the many comments and complex issues of the Tassajara Parks Recirculated Draft Environmental Report (RDEIR).  
  • Calling all Bicyclists!  We are organizing a "Hold the Urban Limit Line!" Ride.  Contact us to help.
  • In honor of Save the Frogs Day, April 29th, the TVPA is forming an Amphibian Group. Contact us for details and to join this fun group! 

Together we can Hold the Urban Limit Line!

Family Fun Event at the Tassajara Old School House - SUNDAY, April 23rd. Have Fun while getting updated on the "HOLD THE LINE, THE URBAN LIMIT LINE!" efforts.

  • Sun, Apr 23, 2017 2:00pm  Mon, Apr 23, 2017 5:00pm
  • The Tassajara Valley Old School House, 1650 Finley Road, Danville Ca 

Mark your calendar!  Come celebrate Earth Day one more time on SUNDAY,  April 23rd at the Old School House!  This will be a fun family event with food, games, crafts and a few presentations on Tassajara Valley, the Urban Limit Line and an update on the Tassajara Parks High Density Housing Development.  We will have a complimentary bottle of water for all bicyclist who stop by the event!  This is a great event to attend to Stay informed and Get involved!

"Hold the Line!" Petition Update 2 -"Comment Tree" a profound image!

In its first week the "Hold the Line!" Petition has received over 1,300 signatures and 350 comments!  Our petition is actually the 8th highest "environmental" petition trending this week on!!  Take a look at the "Comment Tree" we created from every comment received. It clearly states that,  "We Need Open Space!" Please continue to share this profound image and the petition with your Contra Costa County friends!!  Thank You!! Petition Link

In just 4 days we reached 600 signatures on the "Hold the Line!" Petition!

  • Please ask every voter in your household to sign the "Hold the Urban Limit Line!" petition. Petition Link

Since, each Contra Costa County Supervisor has a vote on this issue, the only way to STOP Urban Sprawl outside the ULL is to demonstrate a Strong Unified Voice from voters all around Contra Costa County.

  • Please share this petition with the people you know who live in Contra Costa County - this affects our entire County!


Even though, it was only her 7th week in office, last week Supervisor Burgis said that our community is On her mind!  She has already begun the search to find a way to provide our community "Tassajara Valley", with access to water in times of emergency and drought.  We will update you on actions you can take in the coming months. 

You've asked what you can do to Stop Urban Sprawl in Tassajara Valley...

Our next step to stopping the Tassajara Parks development and protecting our open space, agriculture lands, watersheds/recharge zones, and beautiful vistas has just been launched!

Sign the petition to Stop Urban Sprawl in Tassajara Valley.  Our County Supervisors need to hear how many people want this development stopped!  Please sign today and share with other Contra Costa County residents - This development will affect our entire County!

We will continue to keep you up to date!

2/10/17 - Deadline Extended

Stopping the Tassajara Parks Housing Development and protecting Tassajara Valley is key to protecting the entire Urban Limit Line from being chiseled away by 30 acres housing developments!! Please reach out to family and friends who reside in Contra Costa County and share this threat to our open space and ag land, their voice counts!
According to John Oborne, with the Contra Costa County Conservation and Development Department, the county will be examining the complex issues brought to light by the RDEIR (Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report) comment letters for another month or two. Therefore, we are able to extend our "Hold the Line, The Urban Limit Line" Spirit Wear deadline to Feb. 26th. Don't miss this opportunity to show your SPIRIT!! ORDER HERE

2/8/16 - Quick Update

A quick update on the Tassajara Valley Preservation Association activities.  Last night Gretchen Logue and I made a presentation to the Blackhawk Homeowners Association on the proposed Tassajara Parks development.  The presentation was well received and we believe the content of our presentation will be circulated among the residents of Blackhawk.

We want to thank you for the letters you have already sent to our Supervisors opposing the development.  Your input to the supervisors will be key in stopping this development.  Also, one member of our road maintenance association has volunteered to distribute flyers when the supervisors take up this development proposal. We still need a volunteer to help maintain our social network pages on Facebook and Instagram and other volunteers to attend a Danville or San Ramon city council meeting .

Also, the cutoff for ordering your “Spirit Wear” to show support for our efforts is Sunday, the 12th.  You can conveniently order shirts and hats on the first page of our website,  Thank you for your support.


2/1/17 - Announcing Spirit Wear Store Open

The "Hold the Line, the Urban Limit Line" spirit wear store is now open!!

Show your support for preserving Contra Costa County's open space, agriculture lands and natural resources by ordering your "Hold the Line!" Spirit Wear today!!  

Let's make a strong and clear statement at the Contra Costa County's Board of Supervisors meeting, by attending in our "Hold the Line" T-shirts!! 

Follow @tassajaranews on Twitter or Facebook to stay up to date on meetings and important news! 

Order Here!  Apparel for children, men and women!!   LAST DAY TO ORDER FEB. 12TH.  

1/13/16 - Our Efforts Are Making A Difference!

Thank You ALL for your contributions in fighting the Tassajara Parks High Density Housing Development!  Because of our action, we have slowed this development down!

Other organizations have joined the fight and OPPOSE this project.  

  • The Town of Danville
  • Greenbelt Alliance
  • Sierra Club - San Francisco Bay Chapter
  • California Native Plant Society
  • Calaveras Planning Coalition
  • SOS Danville
  • and others

Only by working together can we protect our WATER and Save Tassajara Valley from urban sprawl!!