Remember to VOTE today - June 5th!!

Hello all, 

I'm putting my neck on the line (again), this time for the candidate, Diana Becton, who is running for District Attorney. I have taken the opportunity to learn about her experience, qualifications and her commitments to our County. 

I hope you'll take a few minutes to learn about her too, and remember to VOTE on June 5th! 

Top 4 Reasons why Diana Becton is my choice for District Attorney!  

  1. Diana Becton is the ONLY candidate with Broad Legal and Management Experience.

She is currently our County's DA, appointed by the Board of Supervisors.  She currently manages approximately 200 lawyers and over 26 DA Divisions and Programs.

  1. Diana Becton is committed to developing programs to STOP the High School to Jail PIPELINE.

This is affects all residents in our County.  We need programs to prevent youth from turning to crime.  This will create safer, more productive communities.

  1. Diana Becton is endorsed by the Sierra Club, and is the ONLY candidate qualified to preside over Environmental Cases. 

Environmental Cases are complicated, I want a DA who is not only qualified, but also committed to Environmental Justice.     

  1. Diana Becton has served Contra Costa County for over 20 years as a judge.

This experience, in addition to being elected as Presiding Judge, gives her unparalleled experience in this election.  Her extraordinary experience has given her a unique and powerful perspective, and she has more qualifications than any other candidate, which better enables her to ascertain truth and adjudge fairness to all.

Please consider joining me in supporting Diana Becton for DA.  I trust her.

If you would like a list of her endorsements and more information please visit