Cannabis Farms - A threat to Tassajara Valley WATER?

CANNABIS Farms - A threat to Tassajara Valley WATER?
Most of us have worked hard to keep our children off drugs, and to create the safest, drug free environment possible for our schools and communities. Whether you voted for or against the legalization of personal marijuana use, public policies are changing, and you need to be aware and active. This is not something you want other people deciding for you. It is worth your time. Take a careful look at the map of the Unincorporated Contra Costa County Preliminary Cannabis Land Use Matrix, which includes farming, commercial and retail locations. This is being discussed in our local jurisdictions now. Click on the link below for a list public meetings and for additional information. I highly encourage you to click on the video link and watch the Special Cannabis Presentation held at the San Ramon City Council meeting. Our future is in our hands.
Concerned about WATER - Experts say that one cannabis plant requires anywhere from 2 – 6 gallons of water each day. So, a two acre farm would require anywhere from 384,000 – 1,152,000 gallons of water per growing season. 
Make your voice count. If you cannot attend a meeting, email your Supervisor.

Supervisor Burgis:
Supervisor Andersen: