Remember to VOTE today - June 5th!!

Hello all, 

I'm putting my neck on the line (again), this time for the candidate, Diana Becton, who is running for District Attorney. I have taken the opportunity to learn about her experience, qualifications and her commitments to our County. 

I hope you'll take a few minutes to learn about her too, and remember to VOTE on June 5th! 

Top 4 Reasons why Diana Becton is my choice for District Attorney!  

  1. Diana Becton is the ONLY candidate with Broad Legal and Management Experience.

She is currently our County's DA, appointed by the Board of Supervisors.  She currently manages approximately 200 lawyers and over 26 DA Divisions and Programs.

  1. Diana Becton is committed to developing programs to STOP the High School to Jail PIPELINE.

This is affects all residents in our County.  We need programs to prevent youth from turning to crime.  This will create safer, more productive communities.

  1. Diana Becton is endorsed by the Sierra Club, and is the ONLY candidate qualified to preside over Environmental Cases. 

Environmental Cases are complicated, I want a DA who is not only qualified, but also committed to Environmental Justice.     

  1. Diana Becton has served Contra Costa County for over 20 years as a judge.

This experience, in addition to being elected as Presiding Judge, gives her unparalleled experience in this election.  Her extraordinary experience has given her a unique and powerful perspective, and she has more qualifications than any other candidate, which better enables her to ascertain truth and adjudge fairness to all.

Please consider joining me in supporting Diana Becton for DA.  I trust her.

If you would like a list of her endorsements and more information please visit

MCE Solar One Ribbon Cutting Event!

I was honored to be part of the Solar One Ribbon Cutting Event Yesterday! Solar One is truly a wonderful example of the amazing changes coming to Contra Costa County with MCE and local leadership! This 10.5 Megawatt Solar Farm will power 3,900 MCE costumers, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 3,000 metric tons per year! WOW! Please take a moment to read about this momentous collaboration! Photo: Gretchen Logue & awesome MCE Solar One Reusable Cup! #tassajara #danville #sanramon

MCE solar one.jpg

"The Power Struggle!" A Tale as Old as Time...PG&E and MCE

I'm posting "clean" information again, because I have a genuine concern for our planet. So, for those you have a genuine interest in learning facts about MCE, please see info below and files attached.

The bottom line is that, we all need to take the responsibility to educate ourselves before we make decisions. Many parents in our area support innovation and STEAM, so that we can create a better world, well green energy is here, let's buy it. I personally do not want drilling off the California Coast and would like to see dirty energy production stopped.

Would anyone would like to host MCE at their HOA for a presentation and for an opportunity to ask questions?

The following information has been provided by MCE.

Community Choice - The ultimate purpose of a Community Choice program is to provide the community with a choice in how they want their electricity generated. MCE’s mission is to reduce electricity-related greenhouse-gas emissions and achieve climate action goals without committing taxpayer dollars. MCE has as track record of providing stable rates with more renewables in the mix, and as of March 1st will be 2-5% (3% on average) less expensive than PG&E depending on customer rate classes.

Local Control  - As a joint-powers authority, MCE is a not-for-profit public agency governed by a board of elected officials from the communities it serves. MCE is still regulated by all the same agencies that regulate any utility – including complying with and reporting to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and the California Energy Commission (CEC). However, rate-setting and procurement are under the discretion of the MCE Board, allowing MCE’s member communities to have a larger voice in these processes. MCE's energy resources webpage provides detailed information for customers with questions about MCE’s sources. Of particular importance is the 2018 Integrated Resources Plan as well as the 2016 Power Content Label. Procurement

MCE currently has over 813 megawatts of new, California renewable energy online and under development for its customers and has committed over $1.6 billion to the development of in-state and local renewable energy projects. In 2016, MCE Light Green contained 55% renewable content while PG&E’s electricity contained 33% renewable electricity. Page 17 of the Integrated Resource Plan shows MCE's current portfolio, the majority of which are from California suppliers. MCE’s Board has a policy that a maximum of 3% of MCE’s portfolio can contain unbundled Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). MCE’s Deep Green and Local Sol options do not contain any RECs.

Rates and Finances -  Part of MCE’s mission is to provide more renewable energy at stable and competitive rates. Customers can utilize MCE’s rate calculators to determine the anticipated cost difference between MCE and PG&E. MCE has limited rate changes to once annually and has actually reduced rates the past two years, by an average of 9% and 3.7% respectively. All changes are made in public meetings by MCE's Board. Discount programs are unaffected by MCE service. MCE’s audited financials are public and published every year and budgets are set yearly in a series of public meetings. MCE has paid of all initial debt and has over $40 million dollars in reserves.

2018 Contra Costa Enrollment In April 2018, the communities of Concord, Danville, Martinez, Moraga, Oakley, Pinole, Pittsburg, San Ramon, and unincorporated Contra Costa County will be enrolled in MCE service, joining 24 other communities in four Bay Area counties. With programs for low income solar, local renewable project build out, partnerships with local workforce development agencies and unions, and a commitment to transparency, MCE has been successfully operating since 2008. If you have questions about MCE we encourage you to reach out to or call 1.888.632.3674. Residents from these Contra Costa communities can also visit MCE will also be hosting several upcoming community meetings and be presenting at several others.

Dates for some of these meetings are located below and can also be found on MCE’s Facebook page the meetings and events page.

Kensington Farmers Market, Sunday March 4th 10am-2pm Todos Santa Farmers Market, Tuesday March 6th 9am-2pm Danville Farmers Market, Saturday March 10th 9am-1pm Bay Front Kids Expo, Sunday March 11th 10am-2pm San Ramon City Council Meeting, Tuesday March 13th 6-7pm Danville-San Ramon Community Meeting, Monday March 19th 6:30-7:30pm Christ the Lord Episcopal Church (Pinole), Tuesday March 20th 7-9pm MCE Concord Community Meeting at Concord City Hall, Thursday March 22nd 6-8pm San Ramon City Council Meeting, Tuesday March 27th 6-7pm Danville Farmers Market, Saturday March 31st 9am-1pm MCE Solar Workshop at Concord City Hall, Monday April 9th 7-9pm Danville Earth Day Event at Danville Library, Saturday April 21st 11am-1pm San Ramon Sheep Shearing Event, Saturday April 21st 11am-1pm MCE San Ramon Community Meeting at San Ramon Community Center, Wednesday April 25th 7-9pm Danville Farmer’s Market, Saturday April 28th 9am-1pm MCE Oakley Community Meeting at Oakley City Hall, Wednesday May 23rd 7-9pm

FAQ    Sierra Club MCA

Cannabis Farms - A threat to Tassajara Valley WATER?

CANNABIS Farms - A threat to Tassajara Valley WATER?
Most of us have worked hard to keep our children off drugs, and to create the safest, drug free environment possible for our schools and communities. Whether you voted for or against the legalization of personal marijuana use, public policies are changing, and you need to be aware and active. This is not something you want other people deciding for you. It is worth your time. Take a careful look at the map of the Unincorporated Contra Costa County Preliminary Cannabis Land Use Matrix, which includes farming, commercial and retail locations. This is being discussed in our local jurisdictions now. Click on the link below for a list public meetings and for additional information. I highly encourage you to click on the video link and watch the Special Cannabis Presentation held at the San Ramon City Council meeting. Our future is in our hands.
Concerned about WATER - Experts say that one cannabis plant requires anywhere from 2 – 6 gallons of water each day. So, a two acre farm would require anywhere from 384,000 – 1,152,000 gallons of water per growing season. 
Make your voice count. If you cannot attend a meeting, email your Supervisor.

Supervisor Burgis:
Supervisor Andersen: